Game Build 2D/3D


50 hrs | 4 Weeks

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What will I Learn?

    C# programming basics.

    Basics of how to use Photoshop for Sprite creation.

    Basics of how to use Crazy Bump.

    Basics of Blender Engine.

    C# in unity.

    How to model objects in Blender Export for use in unity.

    How to use blender and make human for humanlike modelling.

    How to use crazy bumps for textures.

    How to make sprites.

    How to develop environments in unity 2D and 3D.

    How to make peripheral scenes(Main Menu, settings menu etc) and how to relate them.

    How to build a complete game in unity.

    How to build out for apk, ios, exe etc.




    Basic graphics knowledge.

    Interest and dedication.

    Basic programing language on C#.

    Basic graphics knowledge.

    Interest and dedication.

    Internet access.

    Basic drawing skills.

    Personal Laptop or desktop with at least 1 GB dedicated video card, 2.5 GHz processor speed with dx11 capacity compatibility.


Study the latest tools and technologies, and put your creative skills to work in the exciting field of Game Design! Focus on the fundamentals of using the Unity Game Engine to build beautiful and performant game scenes, and learn how to make your game building experience more dynamic and responsive by using C# programming in the Unity interface.


You will learn how to seamlessly create games for a variety of platforms and game engines including Blender, Unity and more. Learn the tricks of the trade in-game animation and how to make your motion graphics come alive.