Digital and Data Journalism


50 hrs | 4 Weeks

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What will I Learn?

    You will learn the fundamentals of journalism and what it takes to become a reporter in today's media landscape.

    New age tools and technology for reporting.

    Infographic storytelling techniques.

    Audience engagement and social listening.

    Fact Checking methods and strategies.

    Viral and Visual Storytelling.

    Data curation, simplification, and storytelling.


    An interest in journalism is all you need and no experience is necessary.


In this course, we'll explore what it means to become a digital and data journalist, grasp the abilities of a data and investigative reporter, and what it takes to write a visually compelling story with facts and figures.

We will also discuss how to verify information for accuracy and how to report using digital reporting methods.

Data can be the source of data journalism, or it can be the tool with which the story is told — or it can be both. Like any source, it should be treated with; and like any tool, we should be conscious of how it can shape and restrict the stories that are created with it.