Data Visualization and Infographics


35 hrs | 3 Weeks

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What will I Learn?

    How to leverage visual storytelling to bring more data insights to my audience.

    How to create graphical illustrations for data-focused reports. ​

    To create infographics utilizing data sketching, data illustration, and storytelling methods. ​

    Skills and techniques to collect and analyze data from trends and events. ​

    Best practices, workflows, and techniques through real-world examples.​

    How to apply the right fonts, colour, images, charts, and complex data maps.​

    How to understand and use human behavioural science to effectively communicate data ​

    To produce infographics that combine illustrations and figures to bring data to life.​

    To understand and apply techniques; abstraction, visual hierarchies, and iconography. ​

    To develop attractive and easy to consume visual presentations that ensure data cognition. 


    A working laptop with at least 4 gig ram, CORE i3.

    Keen in interest in information simplification and democratization.

    Have no basic knowledge of graphic design.

    Have no basic knowledge of data analysis.

    Have no basic knowledge of excel.

    Have no basic understanding of terminologies used in data design.


Strong data visualization and graphical discovery analysis skills are essential to realizing benefits from large, complex, and diverse data volumes.

This course empowers participants with skills and know-how to navigate easy-to-use graphical interfaces for accessing, analyzing and making data pretty.

These sophisticated charts enable users to advance their understanding and truly craft beautiful information that is easy to understand, enables the discovery of hidden data, trends and relationships to improve self-service actionable insight and informed decisions.