Creative Communication and Information Presentation


21 hrs | 3 Weeks

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What will I Learn?

    The methodologies of minimalistic design and information aesthetics.

    The concept of visual writing and iconology in information architecture.

    Wireframing, visual thinking and visual analogies.

    How to create high viral Visual storytelling using data insights.

    How to summarise and simplify text towards crafting beautiful reports and presentations.

    Understanding both Medieval and Modern day storytelling

    Data illustration using information presentation tools.

    Best practices, workflows, and techniques through real-world examples

    The study of the right fonts, colour, images in information design.

    How to understand and use human behavioural science to effectively communicate information.

    To understand and apply techniques; abstraction, visual hierarchies, and iconography.

    To develop attractive and easy to consume visual presentations that ensure swift information cognition.


    A working laptop with at least 4 gig ram, CORE i3

    Keen in interest in information simplification and democratization.

    Have no basic knowledge of graphic design.

    Have no basic understanding of terminologies used in information presentation or creative communication.



This course is aimed at empowering participants to leverage the appeal of powerful visuals to stand out, communicate better and ultimately enable smarter decisions and productivity.


Creative Communication and Information Presentation is increasingly part of public discourse. Humans are born to perceive meaningful patterns, outliers, and structures in what they see. Our processing of information is guided by how it is presented, including attributes such as colour, size, texture, density, movement, and more than activate our visual sensitivity. We acquire more information through vision than through all of the other senses combined.


In this presentation design course, you will learn how to harness the power of visuals to simplify complex information, increase cognition, retention rate and communicate them better even if you have no prior experience in design.