We seek to take the lead in continuous education and providing an enabling environment for startups and businesses to grow and fly and to drive the human capacity development of the youth towards productivity through training, funding, mentoring and collaboration.

“I’ve been working around Yaba since 2013 and I’ve met a lot of people. I like the community here. As an entrepreneur, there are times when you are depressed and don’t have anyone to talk to. A few weeks back, I was depressed, I was at the lounge, I met someone there that was going through what I was going through and we talked it out. We weren’t close before, but after that frank conversation, we became closer. I really like the community here."


“It is situated in Yabacon valley, which is the central place for everything tech. The ambience here fosters growth. We’ve experienced a lot of productivity working from here."


“This spot is the "hot spot". I mean the location. And then the facilities available also works naturally. With a company like this, you don’t really need an office. But given that Nigerians are not very trusting when you don’t have an office where they can come to, we had to choose The Nest and it has been wonderful. Not without its challenges, but it has been wonderful. The facilities here are top-notch. It's like a family as well, you know, wonderful people around that you can learn from"


“It's like where the mainland meets the island. The companies here, we tend to learn from each other, it’s a very nice place. We enjoy the bond we’ve formed here”


“I love The Nest. The moment I heard about the idea, I jumped at it. Before it was ready, I was already in the queue. I love the flexibility that comes with it. I had my own office space for five years, I had to think about the power supply and so many other things but here, everything is taken care of, it is more like an office at your service. I love it”


CEO RED BERYL MEDIA (RBM) “Firstly, it’s a very good location. Secondly, it’s affordable. Thirdly, the facilities are top notch. Its feels comfortable bringing clients here.”


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1A, Hughes Avenue, Off Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos

On Herbert Macauly Way, turn right at Alagomeji Busstop and drive/walk towards the end of the street. the building would be on your right. On Muritala Mohammed Way, turn left at Alagomeji Busstop, the building would be on your left.

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